11 NGOs Supporting Girls & Women in India

Priya, the youngest child, stayed back at home after her parents died in an accident, and looked after the household chores while her brothers went to school and college and got themselves paying jobs. She was married off at a young age and did the […]

I’m Fine – But Really, Am I?

Intense schooling and tutoring, homework, and the worry of exams have pulled Lim into a state of constant anxiety. He’s gone into flight mode and refuses to attend anything where he needs to learn. This isn’t just it. Home isn’t a safety net anymore either, […]

Who says Shakespeare’s texts are out of date?

There is no better way to enjoy one of Shakespeare’s works than actually going to watch a theatrical performance. The entertaining drama, vibrant atmosphere, and the foolery of hilarious characters – nobody had to worry about social distancing or one of the casts being called […]