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This workshop has been designed for students who are studying IGCSE English Literature (0475) and World Literature 0408). In this 120-minute workshop, we will deep dive into the technique of writing Extract-based Literature Essays for set drama, poetry and prose texts.

This workshop will help you understand the various themes and how to write an effective essay-type answer that has all the important elements called for.

How will this benefit you?

  • Learn how to Interpret exam questions.
  • Learn how to brainstorm, plan and structure essays to present a discussion or reasoned argument.
  • Learn relevant skills and techniques to answer specific question types.
  • Answer questions correctly.
  • Practice with mock exams and perfect yourself.
  • Practice unique question types, marked with detailed feedback.

Ideal For

  • Students appearing for the Unseen Prose component in their Literature exam.

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  • Cost/ Hour
    SGD 70