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With only 4 weeks to go before the start of IGCSE exams, we are utilizing the Easter break to conduct workshops aimed at getting you exam-ready, with thorough practice and proven tips. This workshop will prepare you specifically for the 0475/0408 Literature set-text, Romeo and Juliet.

How will this benefit you?

    Using our unique Literary Tool you will

  • Get a clear understanding of Shakespeare’s timeless Romance – its themes, plot, characterization and other literary elements, to create effective mind maps
  • Unique question-specific strategies for both general essays and extract-based essays
  • Master ability to write literature essays through intensive timed tests and personalized feedback.  


Ideal For

  • Grade 10 students looking to revise & practice Literature texts before the start of the exams. Grades 7 to 9 can also attend, in order to strengthen their foundations in English Literature. 

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  • Cost/ Hour
    SGD 70