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The new academic year has begun and we’re all geared up for a batch filled with eager and enthusiastic students. We have selected topics which form the tenets of English Language and Literature. Based on our extensive experience, the workshops have been carefully curated to focus on topics that require much more time than the academic year allows. This helps to build a strong foundation and allow scope for a deeper understanding of the topics on hand.

A variety of non-literary texts and literary works are chosen for students to extend their study and make fruitful comparisons between the texts. The study focuses on intertextual relationships where several topics, thematic concerns, conventions and literary traditions can be explored. The focus is to come up with a critical response after the understanding and evaluation of the complex relationships between the texts.

Join this workshop to learn how to compare texts and formulate critical responses.

How will this benefit you?

  • Learn how to identify important points of a text and summarize
  • Organize ideas and opinions in a logical sequence
  • Study, understand, and analyse drama and its effect
  • Learn unique question-specific strategies
  • Practice exam questions and be given thorough feedback
  • Achieve excellent grades!

Ideal For

  • IB students who wish to seek guidance and practice in their IB Exams.

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