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Parts of Songs of Ourselves are set for study in Cambridge IGCSE, O Level and Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature syllabuses. The anthology includes work from over 100 poets, combining famous names such as William Wordsworth, Maya Angelou and Seamus Heaney with lesser-known voices. This helps students create fresh and interesting contrasts as they explore themes that range from love to death.

Join this workshop to assess the various themes, stylistic devices, and the writing style that makes every poet unique in their own element.

How will this benefit you?

  • Understand themes, characters, setting, and writer’s craft of the texts
  • Make literature notes and mind maps
  • Learn relevant skills and techniques to answer specific question types
  • Answer questions correctly
  • Practice with mock exams and perfect yourself
  • Practice unique question types, marked with detailed feedback

Ideal For

  • Students appearing for the IGCSE Literature paper.

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