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As part of our summer programme, we have selected topics which form the the tenets of English Language and Literature. Based on our extensive experience, the course elements have been carefully curated to focus on those areas which need much more time than the academic year allows, to build up practice and a deep understanding that will serve as a strong foundation through the IB examinations and beyond.

This course supports Paper 2 and 3 CIE 0475 English Literature, 0408 World Literature, Edexcel Literature ad and also Edexcel Drama. Shakespeare forms a compulsory element of IGCSE literature and is a playwright that students lack exposure to. Young students find it challenging to understand the nuances and techniques of drama and its appreciation requires guidance, time and patience, particularly when coupled with the exam pressures of time and skill.

Please note: Both online and in-person practice options are available for this workshop, subject to Singapore MOH restrictions. 

How will this benefit you?

  • In this course you will learn how to plan and write IGCSE style extract based literature essays which score excellently against the IGCSE assessment criteria.

Ideal For

  • Grades 7-10 students looking to build a strong foundation for their IGCSE examinations and beyond. 

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