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We are conducting Exam Practice sessions to get you confident for the upcoming exams. This Practice session will prepare you for 0475/ 0408 Unseen and Drama. 

Please note: Both online and in-person practice options are available for this workshop. 

How will this benefit you?

    Using our unique Literary Tool you will

  • Excellent to manage timing and pressure under a simulated exam environment
  • Practice essay writing in response to unseen textual extracts
  • Unique question-specific strategies and tips on effective time management
  • Timed paper practice with detailed feedback and tips for improvement.

Ideal For

  • Grade 10 students looking to revise & practice key topics before the day of the exams. 

  • Event Date
  • Start Time in SGT
  • End Time in SGT
  • Email
  • Cost/ Hour
    SGD 70