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There are just three weeks to the start of IGCSE exams! 0500 Paper 2 components are  often challenging for students. Our classes are specially designed to give you a thorough practice of key components, proven tips and strategies to tackle these questions with ease. This intense pre-exam teaching session will train students to master Directed Writing questions.

How will this benefit you?

  • Learn how to analyse a passage and create an argument or a persuasive article/letter on it.
  • Learn proven writing tips and time management strategies
  • Learn genre-specific writing techniques
  • Practice writing Directed essays in class under teacher’s supervision. 
  • Have all of your In-class tests marked with detailed, personalized feedback, so you can improve with each test.

Ideal For

  • Grade 10 students looking to revise & practice key topics before the start of the exams. 

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  • Cost/ Hour
    SGD 70