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We believe that the most effective way to consolidate learning is through practice and so, we at Young Scholarz are conducting Exam Practice sessions to get you confident for the upcoming exams. This Practice session will prepare you specifically for the 0475 Paper 2 / 0408 Paper 3 – Drama. 

Both online and in-person (limited to 8) slots are available for this workshop.

How will this benefit you?

    Using our unique Literary Tool you will

  • Excellent to manage timing and pressure under a simulated exam environment
  • Unique question-specific strategies for both general essays and extract-based essays
  • Master ability to write essays on Drama through intensive timed tests 
  • Papers marked with detailed feedback and suggestions for improvement.


Ideal For

  • Grade 10 students looking to revise & practice key topics before the start of the exams. Grades 7 to 9 can also attend, in order to strengthen their foundations in English Literature. 

  • Event Date
  • Start Time in SGT
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  • Cost/ Hour
    SGD 70