Young Scholarz, in collaboration with Tokyo Coding Club, is back with much awaited summer classes for exciting STEM courses!

We know summer break is the much needed time to relax and enjoy after a year long hard work and exams. But what if you could have fun while learning? Because learning during summer break doesn’t always have to be a boring, chained to desk process. Our STEM Courses will give you the flexibility om what you want to learn and how you want to do it, which is usually an exciting process. You get to choose from anything between programming, coding, 3D printing to Animation and Design. 

Just imagine inventing a new game, producing your own music and videos, building your own robotic creature and so much more. It doesn’t sound like the usual way of learning, does it? With STEM courses you are not only signing up for fun but also learning skills to help you in your future. 

Don’t wait! Give yourself the chance to let your imaginative and creative sides run wild with the help of our STEM courses. You’ll learn from experienced, international mentors who work at Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. 

Learn transferable skills and get yourself ready for the future! Read more on our exciting STEM Courses here

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