Online Learning – Breaking Through The Conventional Barriers

Do we find ourselves constricted by the traditional approaches of education? Do we often question the true essence of education? Effective and long-lasting education is not bound by rules or a specific system, it is fluid by nature and works in synchronisation with the ever-evolving mind.

Students are constantly looking for alternatives that work around their needs and have an inclination towards switching to a virtual mode. Online education is fast booming, and for the right reasons.

Whilst initially triggered by the current pandemic situation, online learning has become much more than just a desperate measure to plug a temporary gap. Virtual learning opens up a huge dimension of learning opportunities surpassing limitations of time and place. This paradigm behavioural shift in the methods of learning has already been fueled with students experiencing the holistic benefits for themselves.


  1. Uncompromised Quality: Despite being a society totally immersed in technology, there is still an initial skepticism about the quality of education provided through a virtual medium. Parents and students may be apprehensive preferring face to face teaching. However, with state of the art technology, the quality of online teaching can actually be more effective,  offering the enhanced facilities of the traditional classroom such as the use of digital whiteboards, recorded sessions that students can revisit, editing and sharing of documents- all with the added benefits of being paperless.
  1. Flexible Schedule: Learning happens best when the environment is conducive and choosing online teaching can facilitate studying from the comfort of any space in one’s own home. This kind of set-up also helps to plan the day and teaches time management. Essentially, students end up spending zero time and effort on commuting and can effectively invest that valuable time elsewhere.
  1. Amplified Focus: With live online classes, student focus is highly amplified. Having made a personal commitment to learning, students are able to study free of the distraction of others and can channelize efficiency and attune it to their personal levels of concentration. Virtual classrooms offer the benefits of a calm sense of studying alone as well as the immersive experience of being part of a group, listening to and sharing ideas when you feel comfortable to do so as well as allowing students personal space to do their own thinking.
  1. Time Management: Many students become harrowed and overburdened because they do not find adequate time to pursue their hobbies. While career advancement is a definitive goal, students need to maintain mental health through a holistic sense of self-satisfaction and also relaxation. Online learning is a boon that allows d students to manage their own time effectively allowing the indulgence in activities that help them rejuvenate and focus on learning with a fresh approach.
  1. Best of Both Worlds: Live teacher-led online sessions are extremely interactive, with experienced teachers being able to engage and interact with the students to provide them an environment of experiential learning.  Chat modules allow individual questions to be answered by the teacher with doubts clarified instantly and no compromises on the quality of education being received.

Keeping up with the complexities of time and advancement of technology, it is safe to say that students are gearing up to break the walls of conventional learning methodologies and becoming more receptive to situational changes. Online learning is not only effective but also hugely beneficial and should be chosen rather than just accepted.