Pratik S

I am a Masters in Econometrics and a Bachelors in Economics with Mathematics. I have been an IB facilitator for 9 years. As a facilitator of a subject which tends to be associated with trepidation and doubt, my single greatest motivation has been to help learners connect, appreciate and end up loving mathematics.


I have over 12 years of experience as a High School Mathematics teacher in CIE, IGCSE and IB (both AI and AA HL). I am an IB Applications and Interpretations External Examiner as well as an IB External IA and Extended Essay Moderator for Applications and Interpretations. Through the years, I’ve worked on becoming a TOK and CAS Facilitator and quite enjoy that too. In my time as Mathematics head, I’ve designed and planned the mathematics curriculum for Senior School Classes Grade 6-12 as per CIE, IGCSE and IB guidelines and requirements, bringing about new learning methods for teachers to implement in the curriculum.


The prerogative to learn Math has always been to find it relatable, relevant and first and foremost enjoyable.