“Language is the road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.”
– Rita Mae Brown

The study of IGCSE French builds strong foundations to build on for IB , where all students are required to study a foreign language.

Skills developed are

  • The ability to use a foreign language as a means of practical communication
  • Insight into the culture and civilisation of countries where the language is spoken
  • A positive attitude towards language learning, towards the speakers of other languages, and towards other cultures and civilisations
  • Techniques which can be applied to other areas of learning, such as analysis and memory skills
  • A sound foundation for progression to employment or further study.

Cambridge IGCSE French

Paper 1: Listening approximately 45 minutes, candidates listen to a number of recordings and answer questions testing comprehension. 45 marks – externally assessed, 25%

Paper 2: Reading 1 hour, candidates read a number of texts and answer questions testing comprehension. 45 marks – externally assessed, 25%

Paper 3: Speaking approximately 15 minutes, candidates complete two role plays, a topic presentation/conversation and a general conversation. 100 marks – internally assessed/externally moderated, 25%

Paper 4: Writing 1 hour, candidates respond in the target language to three tasks. 50 marks – externally assessed, 25%


Paper 1: Listening 45 minutes – externally assessed,  25%

Paper 2: Reading and Writing 1 hour 30 minutes- externally assessed, 50 %

Paper 3: Speaking 10 minutes – externally assessed, 25 %

How I can help?

  • I teach the Cambridge and Edexcel syllabus for French IGCSE
  • 8 years experience teaching french
  • extensive oral and listening practice


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