Tips for an 800 in SAT Math

Aiming for a Perfect 800 in SAT Math? Well, It might seem impossible at first but with proper guidance, skills, and the right strategy you should be well on your way. The SAT Math test evaluates your understanding to apply mathematical concepts and skills to […]

Using Loci to Learn Effectively

What is the Method of Loci? “The method of loci (MOL) is a mnemonic device that relies on spatial relationships between “loci” (e.g., locations on a familiar route or rooms in a familiar building) to arrange and recollect memorial content.” In Latin, Loci means location […]

IB Chinese Revision Tips

The most necessary task to do for an increase in productivity during exams is to revise the topics learned so far. The key is to not forget what you have learned and retain it for a long time. Memory is formed by revision that depends […]