At Young Scholarz, we Teach, not Tutor

As founder and lead teacher of Young Scholarz, I have to often address multiple questions from prospective parents who want the very best for their child’s learning. My answers are guided by my aim to…

share with you what I know and learn more about what I don’t.

In this post, I’m sharing with you some of the frequently asked questions and responses.

How is Young Scholarz teaching different from other institutions providing tuition?
Every child has an individual need and capacity and we identify and assess the strengths and weaknesses of each one, and nurture them accordingly. We have devised a successful strategy that has evolved over 13+ years of teaching hundreds of students from many international schools in Singapore. The differentiating factors are listed below.

  • Personalized Learning
    We are familiar with all our students and assess their needs individually by following a specific structure of individual marking and feedback, even in group classes.
  • 1:1 Customized Sessions
    We encourage students to be part of group lessons, but at times, the student might need additional support and guidance. One-on-one solo sessions tackle specific academic problem areas, helping the student be more confident and achieve higher grades.
  • Distinctive Instructional Approach
    We have been able to implement a distinctive instructional approach to our teaching, due to my extensive knowledge in fields like Biochemistry, Chartered Accountancy, and Scriptwriting. We have been able to make the classes more engaging, and bring in-depth through cross-subject discussions.
  • All-round education
    Our aim is to bring in experience which will help the students attain a deeper understanding of what is being taught and apply it universally. Students enrol with us from a younger age, and the journey continues until they join University. Along the way, we are able to instill a feeling of accomplishment and independence, which makes them competent and prepares them towards achieving long term goals, rather than a short-termed one.
  • Results Driven
    Over the past decade, we have assisted students in achieving their very best across their school and university preparation years. Our grade 6 IB students have always scored 96% and above, while more than 95% of our IGCSE students score As and A*.


What is the difference between Teaching and Tuition?
Teaching and tuition are indeed different. Teaching is based on the methodology and structure used formally to teach a topic, whereas tuition helps in bridging the gap between the followed structure and its application.

At Young Scholarz, we inculcate life-long skills that help students understand the nuances of the English language and use it effectively. The core foundation is based on the underlying concepts which prove useful as they transition from school life to work life.


How are your classes adding value to what they already learn at school?
The methodology used at schools is standardized and not formulated based on the individual capacities of students. Young Scholarz has stepped in with fluidity and flexibility to impart knowledge by adhering to a detailed plan for every student. We work on enhancing students’ skills through our teaching techniques and through an individual feedback mechanism. Following a strategy to ensure students excel in exams in addition to teaching time management and providing personal feedback has been an evolving factor for students to gain an all-round development and readiness for competitive exams.


My child is shy and doesn’t want to attend a group class, so what do you suggest?
Understanding the child and what they specifically need, is where our expertise lies. We offer solo sessions for students who need it, to make it more conducive and comfortable for them. However, what we do suggest is a combination of group classes and solo classes. The strategized teaching adopted at Young Scholarz is regardless of the number of students within the group, as it is focused on delivering the same quality of teaching to all the students. The benefits of group learning are that they create a sense of belonging to a peer group among students, facilitate healthy discussions and for a shy student, serve as a platform for personal development. Additionally, they help them be exposed to clarifications that they otherwise might have been apprehensive to bring up.


What if my child is unable to attend any session?
A number of parallel classes run in a week so students can make up for a missed session by choosing another similar slot. The ecosystem that we have formed is built on passion and aims to provide optimal support and guidance to students for their growth. We charge on the basis of the number of classes attended, to promote flexibility amongst the students. The students should be eager to attend our classes because they are able to derive value from it, rather than the forced thought of attending because they have paid upfront for the class. As a student, you can even start with a paid trial class, along with your parents to get an initial understanding of if it will add value to your learning process.

Leave us a few lines on [email protected] if you have any other queries.