Young Scholarz alumni go on to do purposeful work across the globe.

Some step into the realm of engineering, law and medicine or business management and marketing with others serving their country through National Service.

Collectively, through whichever industry they choose to shape, their contributions and insights continue to impact our culture, our economies and our daily lives.

We couldn’t be prouder!

Our Graduates

Shreya Sharma

Grade 12 - UWCSEA East

I will be studying in Boston University where I will be majoring in Marketing and will graduate as part of the class of 2025. The reason I picked marketing as my major was because marketing is everywhere. From the things we buy, to the way we introduce ourselves!

Swati Subramaniam

Grade 12 - UWCSEA Dover

In September, I am scheduled to go to Newcastle University to study Film & Media. I picked film and media because I’ve always loved the arts and I wanted to do something related to them whilst still pursuing my passion for journalism and writing. I believe that it will give me a good insight into both the practical and theoretical elements of media, and hence facilitate a future career in journalism.

Sahil Bhargava

Grade 12 - UWCSEA East

After having studied for six wonderful years at UWCSEA East, I have finally graduated! These next two years I will have the privilege to serve under the Singapore Police Force. After National Service, I hope to double major in aerospace engineering and astrophysics in the United States.

Tanya Jain

Grade 12 - UWCSEA East

I’m planning to pursue medicine either in UK/Australia after a GAP year, and hopefully return to Singapore in the future to work here! Young Scholarz has been pivotal in my success in English and change in mindset towards a subject I wasn’t initially great at, and I’m grateful for all the support I’ve received throughout my journey.

Alumni Connectors

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