Pre-IGCSE or Cambridge Lower Secondary is typically for learners aged 11 to 14 years. It helps prepare students for the next step of their education, providing a clear path as they progress through the Cambridge Pathway in an age-appropriate way. With ten subjects to choose from, including English, Mathematics and Science, students have plenty of opportunities to develop creativity, expression and wellbeing in a variety of ways. Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint tests are marked in Cambridge, and can be taken in the final year of Cambridge Lower Secondary. On completion of Cambridge Lower Secondary Checkpoint, your child will receive a statement of achievement and you will receive detailed feedback about your child’s performance. This will help your school to advise on different progression routes after age 14 and choose the one that will be most suitable for your child.

To know more, please check out the Cambridge official website here.

What can you learn at
Young Scholarz?

We teach all subjects that fall under the Cambridge curriculum. Our teachers are trained in supporting grades 5 onwards and provide high-quality learning experiences to help them prepare for the higher grades.

Individuals and Societies

Why choose to learn with us?

  • Our teachers are handpicked, vetted and teaching professionals in their respective subjects.
  • You’ll receive a personalized learning path, curated to your academic needs and interest.
  • Regular monitoring of progress and parents are kept up-to-date with what and how their child is learning.
  • Valuable Paper Marking where you’ll receive grades and nuanced feedback.
  • Solo classes can be booked adhoc with no minimum session commitment.

Student Testimonials

Ready to start your lifelong journey with us?

We guarantee an improvement in grades, with most students improving by an average of 2 bands.

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