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Sunita Sharma, ACA
Founder & CEO

Sunita Sharma, the Founder of Young Scholarz, is driven by the belief that the future can be shaped in whichever way we choose to imagine it and a sound educational foundation coupled with the right encouragement, can definitely allow everyone to achieve their goals. The determination to help students find and build upon their strengths to emerge as qualified, confident young adults is the driving force of her dedication and commitment as an educator and influencer.

What truly called out to Sunita was her passion to share her learning , professional expertise and talent as a writer. Creating course content for business degrees was her transition into the understated world of English. Perceived as a simple, obvious subject devoid of complexities that one is either good at or not, English is actually a subject of immense depth requiring dedication and skill from any teacher who hopes to inspire and engage their students. For Sunita, reading, writing and teaching English are a natural flair as demonstrated in her debut as a scriptwriter in 2011 with an Internationally well-received play, ‘Trikon – The War Within’, followed by Panchatantra – A Moral Compass and most recently a short film script ‘Breaking News’.


With a degree in Applied Biochemistry, Sunita commenced a robust professional journey by qualifying as a British Chartered Accountant working in the UK and Europe. Understanding the value of applying knowledge and developing holistically, Sunita evolved into the role of a professional mentor for the Audit Commission, along with coaching adults for professional Accounting examinations. Further fuelling her passion to teach, her professional accounting background and aptitude for numbers, she became a lecturer in a british business school smoothly transitioning to making finance, business and economics interesting and easy to understand.

Assuming the role of a full-time Mentor and Professional Educator in Singapore in 2008, Sunita has taught in excess of 30,000 hours and successfully nurtured and supported hundreds of students, from their high school years to university applications, across the globe. As an academic coach, she is well known for her unique methodology and specializes in teaching English Language and Literature at IGCSE, IB, SAT and GRE levels. Her diverse academic background, experience and knowledge lend themselves to seamlessly support students across their education and additionally extend to subjects such as Economics, Business Studies, French and Accounting.

“My aim is a simple one. I would like to share with you what I know and learn more about what I don’t. How you use it will be your choice, but I will have tried my very best”.

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