Writing a Summary for IGCSE English exam

A summary is a shorter version of an original text that outlines the main points in a specific structure and this is exactly what we must do while writing a summary for the IGCSE exam. But in order to write a good summary, not only

Writing an Extended Response to Reading Essay for IGCSE

Do you feel Extended Response to reading is tricky? From our decade-long experience of marking papers, we have observed that most IGCSE students fail to follow the proper format of the given text type. Also, most students pay more attention to their writing. They tend

Understanding the IB IO, Individual Oral

Are you an IB student worried about ‘The Individual Oral’, commonly known as the IO? In this blogpost we’ll share core information you will need to know to ace your IO. Read on… What is the Individual Oral? The Individual Oral or IO is an

Understanding and Applying the Eisenhower Matrix

Time management is like that one friend in your group who’s quiet as a mouse but their presence is only felt when they’re not around. It’s a skill that everybody strives to achieve but very few actually hone and accomplish. Procrastination, being one of the

Studying Economics with Real-World Examples

Introduction Economics is a social science that aims to understand and describe how wealth is produced, distributed, and consumed. Thus, economic issues are a focus of the discipline. It aims to provide systematic answers to a wide range of issues involving the economic behavior of

Role of Mocks in Upping the Grade

Exams can be intimidating. Students often complain that they lose marks even after having put in a lot of effort and hard work or that they couldn’t complete the paper on time, or didn’t know the pattern very well and wished they learnt a proper

4 Ways to Improve a Low IB Grade

We all know IB isn’t easy; scoring that perfect 7 takes enormous work, but it’s not impossible. Did you recently receive your mock results and were not pleased about them? We’ve rounded some key tips from our IB toppers on how you can boost your

Happy 2023! Past Year Reflections and Resolutions

Another year has gone by. Disappointment, regret, anger, love, peace, joy, contentment – here’s a range of emotions laid out for you that you’ve probably felt in the past year. Is there any single emotion that you can describe 2022 in? How would you put

5 Tips to Score a 7 in IB Economics

Many students take IB Economics assuming that it’s an easy, scoring subject. Well, they’re wrong. If that’s you then you need to re-assess your subject choices. Although it may appear to be an easy A, it’s a tricky area and we’re here to help you

IGCSE World Literature 0408, at a glance

The world constitutes varied cultures, tribes and societies, all embracing different attitudes and beliefs. Isn’t it exciting to learn and explore these different places and cultures through literature? If you’re an IGCSE student and wish to learn about various stories across centuries, you may want

7 Tips to Improve Your Descriptive Writing

We all know that descriptive writing is a form of writing that gives a clear and concise description of events, people, locations, or things. Now there can be two types of Descriptive Writing – one where the topic is already given to us, and the

How to brainstorm for IB English Paper 1

Be it as a group exercise or for an essay writing paper, brainstorming is an effective way of putting your ideas out there. They don’t have to be great, they don’t have to be groundbreaking, but they’re all building towards a goal that you need

SAT Tips for an 800 in Math

What is the SAT Math Test? The SAT Math test evaluates your understanding to apply mathematical concepts and skills to different types of problems in college and in real life. There are two portions on the SAT Math test. The first section will be for

Using Loci to Learn Effectively

What is the Method of Loci? “The method of loci (MOL) is a mnemonic device that relies on spatial relationships between “loci” (e.g., locations on a familiar route or rooms in a familiar building) to arrange and recollect memorial content.” In Latin, Loci means location

How to Write an IB Media Analysis Essay

This section of the IB English paper is a challenge for many students because of its nature – an unseen text with no hint beforehand. The only way to ace this paper is lots of practice, getting your basics right and maybe some magic dust!