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Young Scholarz, in collaboration with Tokyo Coding Club, provides live, online 1:1 and group classes for exciting STEM courses from international tutors. Our STEM students learn key transferable skills for future employment and are more 21st-century ready. At the end of a course, students usually complete a project or product. 


Why learn STEM with us?

  • Fun and easy environment for kids to learn about coding:
    TCC’s goal is to enable kids to easily get into coding and have fun while doing it. Coding classes are with a tutor who is an expert in tools such as Minecraft, Roblox, Scratch, Sphero, and Lego Boost. These tools are often visual and interactive, thus allowing the student to see how their code directly translates to the real world.
  • Learning through doing and a hands-on approach: 
    Many studies have shown that kids learn best by doing rather than just memorizing. Also, note that the tech industry prioritizes what you can create rather than how much knowledge you have on a topic. Thus, our lessons are structured with an end goal in mind for the student to complete, such as a project or a product.
  • Flexible, personalized curriculum:
    The private 1:1 and small group sized curriculums are entirely catered to the students’ passions and needs. Taught by tutors who are experts in their field and can adapt to the demands of the students and their parents.
  • Specialize in 1-on-1 teaching:
    The tutor can provide full attention to the child and structure the entire program based on their quirks and learning style. These are our most popular classes!
  • Skilled in hosting larger one-time events:
    To create a fun and enjoyable learning experience, we often host events whereby students can freely enjoy and interact with other students and tutors through STEM. Our yearly summer camps are an example of this where we create a fun learning environment for STEM outside of the classroom. Another example would be our free weekly coding session where the students conduct coding with Minecraft with other students.

About Tokyo Coding Club

Tokyo Coding Club (TCC) is Tokyo’s #1 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and Digital Creatives School for ages 4 -18. TCC offers a wide range of STEM-based courses taught by experts in every field and believes in the idea of awesome technology education for your children’s future. The mission is simple, to create mind-blowing tech experiences that inspire students to create the future. 

TCC started in 2019 and has since been one of the fastest growing tech schools in Tokyo, with over 40 expert tutors teaching over a 1000 young minds worldwide. The Tech Instructors are Alumni/Graduates/Employees from the Companies/Institutions below:

  • Tokyo University
  • Harvard University
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM
  • Youtube
  • Sony
  • Rakuten
  • Mercari
  • Keio University 
  • Imperial college London 
  • UCLA
  • King’s College London

What Will I Learn?

  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Creative Thinking Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Analytical Skills
  • Engineering-Design Thinking Skills
  • Experimentation Skills

Topics for this course

59 Lessons

Programming Foundations with Python & Minecraft

This 8-unit course offers a kid-friendly, intuitive, innovative approach for learning the Python programming language using the popular game, Minecraft.
Students will learn basic programming syntax, code organization and reuse.
Programming methods to build structures such as castles and pyramids in Minecraft and mini games such as “Golden Touch” and “Blast A Crater”.

Programming with Python

Data Science With Python

Programming with Java

Game Development Foundations With Roblox

Game Development with Unity

Game Development with Python – Learn to Code Making Games

Build & Code a Laptop with Raspberry Pi

Robotics With Sphero

Robotics With Arduino

Robotics With RVR

Robotics Engineering with 3D printing

Design & Animation

3D Printing With Tinkercad

Video Editing for YouTube & Twitch

Music Production

Artificial Intelligence with Python

Front-End Web Development

High School STEM Research Programs

Target Audience

  • Young minds between the ages of 7 to 18, aspiring to be programmers, builders, ethical hackers, designers and generally interested in a future in tech, while advancing their STEM skills.

Ready to start your lifelong journey with us?

We guarantee an improvement in grades, with most students improving by an average of 2 bands.

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