The CIE (Cambridge Assessment of International Education) set its roots 160 years ago, and continues to grow its branches all over the world. This education system is widely known and recognized as a British curriculum and strives to invite and include various cultures and languages into its curriculum. Being the world’s most widely-recognized British system of education and assessment, the Cambridge IGCSE Board is highly-approved and followed in primary and secondary school programs. Apart from this, the CIE is recognized and approved by leading universities and employers of the world, owing to its seamless integration and design, which covers global concepts under the umbrella. With the help of the CIE assessment, you’re led towards the internationally recognized CIE ‘A’ Levels or the IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Program).

For further information on IGCSE CIE and the registration process for private candidates, head over to the official website of Cambridge.

Although a relatively newer education board, established in 1996, UK’s Pearson Edexcel is a leading global qualification brand that strives to help students excel in the field of knowledge. While the CIE has set up standards on an international level, Edexcel hits home with a greater focus on the UK. Pearson Edexcel offers the GCSEs, IGCSEs, and other UK Pearson qualifications. The Edexcel curriculum is designed to hone the student’s skills in attaining knowledge while aiding learners either to pursue a higher degree or directly seek employment. The curriculum imbibes the quality and traditions of the British education system, making it relevant and inclusive to learners both of the UK and outside it.

The Edexcel qualifications are suited to students from 14 to 19 years of age. Apart from that, international schools are given the option to choose the Edexcel Primary and the Lower Secondary Curricula, making the age range 8-19 years for students.

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