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Students are required to develop their understanding of Global Citizenship through consideration of a series of questions. Through this course students identify main points and aspects of a citizenship community action project and will be able to extract specific details and relate them to their choice of citizenship community action project and its expected, hypothesised or actual impact. Students will be able to identify points of view and demonstrate understanding of global concepts, themes and issues to show understanding of deeper questioning and recognise attitudes and opinions. It also helps students demonstrate wider breadth, depth and understanding through synoptic assessment.

This course consists one one paper – Paper 1 Global Citizenship. The examination for this paper lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes, and accounts for 100% of the qualification. It carries 100 marks.

What Will I Learn?

  • Mastery of core curriculum topics
  • Unique question-specific strategies
  • Exam techniques practiced through extensive question practice and personalised feedback
  • Time management strategies
  • An applied understanding and appreciation of the subject beyond the syllabus
  • Key principles of a citizenship community action project
  • Learn the rights and duties of a global citizen
  • Participate in a citizenship community action project: Analyse the specific details and their actual impact of this project
  • Study different viewpoints and understand global concepts and issues
  • Demonstrate the various facets of the subject through synoptic assessment
  • Lifelong subject and interdisciplinary skills
  • How to achieve excellent grades

Topics for this course

6 Lessons

Section A

Citizenship Community Action Project (20 marks)

Sections B and C (30 marks) – Questions on 4 core themes

Section D

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