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The Cambridge IGCSE Music (0410) is a qualification offered by Cambridge Assessment International Education for students typically in the age range of 14 to 16. It is part of the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) program.

IGCSE Music (0410) is designed to develop students' musical skills, knowledge, and understanding. The course covers a range of musical styles,genres, and traditions, aiming to foster an appreciation for different musical cultures. Students are encouraged to engage with both Western and non-Western music, explore historical and contemporary contexts, and develop practical skills in performance, composition, and listening.

The assessment includes three main components:

1. Listening Exam (40%): This section assesses students' ability to listen critically to a variety of musical pieces, identify musical elements, and understand the context and style of the music.

2. Performance (30%): Students are required to showcase their practical musical skills by performing on one or more instruments. This component emphasizes both solo and ensemble performances.

3. Composition (30%): This component assesses students' ability to create original music. Students are typically required to compose pieces within specified guidelines, showcasing their creativity and understanding of musical structure.

Overall, IGCSE Music (0410) aims to provide a well-rounded musical education, nurturing students' abilities in listening, performing, and composing while fostering an appreciation for the diversity of musical expression. The course encourages students to develop critical thinking skills and a lifelong enjoyment of music.

Join this course to develop a comprehensive understanding of music, enhance practical skills in performance and composition, and cultivate a lifelong appreciation for diverse musical genres and cultures.

Official Course Page

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Cambridge IGCSE Music (0410)

Paper Marking

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What Will I Learn?

  • Analyze diverse musical genres
  • Identify musical elements and historical contexts
  • Master solo and ensemble performances
  • Develop expressive techniques on instruments
  • Grasp basic music theory and notation
  • Apply theory to practical contexts
  • Analyze and critique musical works
  • Use tech for composition and recording
  • Gain skills in music software
  • Engage in ensemble performances
  • Develop teamwork skills
  • Express musical ideas effectively
  • Communicate emotions through music and many more

Topics for this course

Listening and Appraising



Musical Theory

Cultural Appreciation

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Lifelong Appreciation for Music

Practical Application of Technology

Collaboration and Teamwork

Communication Skills

Target Audience

  • The IGCSE Music course is typically designed for students between Grades 9-10, with a keen interest in music on both a personal andprofessional level.

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