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Our Teaching Approach

Online Learning

Young Scholarz is a Singapore based teaching hub offering online classes for students to learn from anywhere in the world.

Weekly Structured Classes

Our weekly group classes are structured around core topics that are relevant to the schools’ academic calendar, and support students with learning and complete exam preparation.

1:1 Personalized Sessions

We offer customized classes for students to consolidate learning and address specific key areas. Each student has an indivdual portfolio where performance is monitored, reviewed and managed to ensure excellent progress.

Complete IGCSE English Exam Preparation

Learn all core modules, key skills and time-tested exam techniques to score As and A*s in your IGCSEs for November 2022/ May 2023. Our intensive sessions involve marking your practice papers with detailed feedback so that you’re fully exam ready!

Complete IB English
Exam Preparation

Learn core strategies and proven exam writing techniques to score high 6s and 7s in your IB exams in May 2023. All elements required for IB English Language and Literature are thoroughly covered. You’ll practice each question type and receive nuanced feedback.

Choose Your Subjects

Build Your Profile


Extra Curriculars

STEM Education

Use the summer break to learn key transferable skills for future employment and be 21st-century ready! Ideal for young minds between the ages of 7-18.

  • Robotics
  • Digital Arts & Animation
  • Crypto & Block Chain


Be it Arts & Music, Athletics, Internships, Community Service, Research Work, Activism, STEM courses or even Travelling, Young Scholarz can help you build an impressive profile that will help you stand out before Admissions Officers as well as explore new areas of interest.

Lumiere Research Scholar

Ideal for high-school students looking to gain a leg-up in their university admissions process

  • Be mentored by researchers at Ivy League colleges
  • Deep-dive into your academic interest and showcase passion and proof of depth

Meet Our Teachers



Young Scholarz is committed to providing the highest quality of teaching and learning experience to students who enroll with us and that’s why parents and students count on us. 

The vetted teachers we work with have a deep understanding of the IB and IGCSE curriculums and are subject experts. Our teachers have international exposure and nurture students’ potential towards excellence.

Sunita S
English & Business
Heny M
Sumit B
Physics & Mathematics
Jessy C
Biology & Chemistry
Raadha D

Latest News

14 Jan

Announcing our latest schedules for IB and IGCSE English

We are bringing back the exam preparation classes for IGCSE and IB exams to all students to gear up for the May 2023 main exams. These sessions will provide you with much-required practice and guidance to succeed in your exams. The exam prep sessions are

7 in Physics and English in the Nov ‘22 IB exams!

“I wanted to say a big thank you for all the time and hard work that you put in during

Congratulations to our IGCSE champs!

“Mrs Sunita, I have 93% A* in English First Language” “Dear Sunita, thank you for your patience and guidance for

Congratulations to all our IB students!

“Thank you so so much for all your help, advice, love, and support all these years. You genuinely helped me

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