We are super excited to announce that the IGCSE English schedules for the new academic year are ready! These cover Cambridge IGCSE 0500, 0475, and 0408, along with Pearson Edexcel 4EA1 English Language.

Announcing our latest schedules for the new academic year (2023-2024) for IGCSE English

The sessions are planned keeping separate modules in mind, and we recommend that you sign up for all sessions so that you don’t miss out on any links in between. All the homework submitted in time before the next session will be thoroughly marked with detailed and personalised feedback from our expert teacher, Sunita Sharma. We will guide you through any difficulty you may face in understanding concepts and solving different types of questions before we move on to the next topic.

Whether you’re a CIE or an Edexcel student, we have got you covered.

We have limited sessions and slots available starting the 9th of September and running through December to help our students prepare from the start. Check out the links below to view our schedule!

IGCSE English Language – Young Scholarz

IGCSE English Literature – Young Scholarz

Pre-register to book your seats now!

To register yourself, send us a WhatsApp message on +65 82281164 or register here: https://youngscholarz.com/register/  

While these schedules are for group sessions, if you’re interested in 1:1 sessions then please get in touch with us and we can arrange those for you as well.