If you’re either an IB or IGCSE Arts student studying Art & Design, Music, Theatre, Drama, or Film – brace yourself for this exciting news!

Our range of subjects now includes these arts courses that you can learn with us. Young Scholarz will now provide online tuition for:

Whether you find solitude in the strings of music or feel cathartic in the expression of arts and theatrics, we’ve got you covered.

IGCSE Art and Design

This course would be suited for students who love painting, graphic design, textiles, fashion and photography. You’ll build a portfolio and a final outcome/ project that is theme-based. You’ll dive into personal investigations and apply a range of skills to produce art and design work.


Students who love performance and plays should be thrilled to pick this up as one of their subjects! The IGCSE Drama course is a perfect blend of theory and practice. From studying the various forms of techniques, literary genres, historical and cultural significance of a play, etc., students also get to display their own skills in an original short piece of drama.

IB Film

If your interest lies in not just viewing, but the various intricacies involved in film-making, including the art, history, culture, and perspectives involved in making a film, then the IB Film course is the perfect choice for you. This is a great choice for those students who wish to pursue Films as their career, as it lets you test the waters before applying to a film school.

IB and IGCSE Music

Music helps us through every phase of life. Life cannot imagine itself without the presence of music, whether it’s grief, happiness, romance, inspiration, or cultural expression. Where some of us find solace in it, others want to create that solace for others. Young Scholarz will help you guide and navigate the theory of music – studying various cultures and historical aspects that have helped shape music over time.

IB Theatre

Like music, theatre is an expression of emotions. From Shakespeare to present-day pop culture performances, the IB Theatre will teach you the essence of theatre. It explores the many processes and steps taken to bring a textual play to life. The IB Theatre also studies and deep dives into cultures and world traditions that make a regional play unique. And if you have that perfectly-lit creative spark, it gives you the platform to create an original piece of theatre too!

IB Visual Arts

As the name suggests, this course is designed for the artistic minds and souls, who want to understand and also create their own form of visual art. The course covers all the aspects involved in producing a visual art form – the impact of culture, the context in which the art was produced, the methods involved in visual arts, and the communication through artwork.

You can browse through all our courses and choose the ones you’d wish to learn with us. Why should you join our IB and IGCSE Arts courses? Because we don’t just teach, but we also provide timely, detailed, and nuanced feedback for your improvement. We offer 1:1 sessions for the Arts subjects and customize them as per the student’s needs. Rest assured, our tutors will guide you through on a personalized level.

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