Teaching Across A Double Decade



As children, we are imaginative and dwell in a limitless world of pure potentiality. Our aspirations are inspired by the people and environment around us. Our dreams allow us to believe that we can achieve anything when we grow up. They often point us towards a journey paved with goals and targets, ultimately leading to a career path that will satisfy our hopes and ambitions. This is the story of a passionate teacher, a woman who has followed her dreams to reach a place in her life where she feels fulfilled. 

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Welcome to Grade 11 IB English – What to Expect and How Young Scholarz Can Help

Grade 11 and 12 IB is an exciting time as you delve deeper into the subjects you are passionate about (despite the couple of SL’s you are not so keen on!) and move closer towards your journey to university. However, the transition from IGCSE is a daunting one, not only because of the sheer volume of course content but for English in particular, the in-year assessments amounting to 50-55% of the final grade can be very stressful.

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Engagement In The World Of Online Education

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The current situation has resulted in transformational changes in the world of education and work lives which will last for a decade, to say the least. These transformational changes have also led to a paradigm shift in the mindsets of people. We are adapting to newer things on a daily basis and trying to inculcate the good things in our habitual routine. While personal interactions have reduced drastically due to social distancing, virtual connections and networking have witnessed an unprecedented surge across all platforms. 

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At Young Scholarz, we Teach, not Tutor

As founder and lead teacher of Young Scholarz, I have to often address multiple questions from prospective parents who want the very best for their child’s learning. My answers are guided by my aim to…

share with you what I know and learn more about what I don’t.

In this post, I’m sharing with you some of the frequently asked questions and responses.

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Grade 10 students: How to prepare for your first attempt at the SAT

Once registered for the SAT, most students will embark on self-study sourcing papers online and dive straight into intense practice or will sign up for an expensive batch of mostly group classes.

Self-preparation can be effective for maths, as much of the content has been covered in the IGCSE syllabus, however, approaching the Reading and Writing sections without guidance and strategy will not be as fruitful. The skills required for the SAT are unlikely to have been addressed as part of grade school curriculums, particularly for International Students, and whilst test-takers mostly score well at maths they tend to stagnate around a particular mark for English.

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Why International students are at a disadvantage with the SAT

Whilst 2020/21 has seen a change in university admission criteria with an increasing number of US colleges no longer requiring a SAT score for entry, yet for many students, SAT tests still remain key to their university preparation. These tests are an expensive affair in terms of both time and money and require focused studying for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

Standardised tests aim to add a dimension of equality to the US college application process through objective testing alongside college essays, however this may not be the case for international students with different educational backgrounds to their American counterparts.

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Online Learning – Breaking Through The Conventional Barriers

Do we find ourselves constricted by the traditional approaches of education? Do we often question the true essence of education? Effective and long-lasting education is not bound by rules or a specific system, it is fluid by nature and works in synchronisation with the ever-evolving mind.

Students are constantly looking for alternatives that work around their needs and have an inclination towards switching to a virtual mode. Online education is fast booming, and for the right reasons.

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Striving for Excellence with As and A*s All The Way

The road to excellence for a student is the coming together of multiple people. The most important being – their parents, teachers, and the student themself. Over the last, so many years, parents have not only come back with appreciation but the students’ dedication to being a part of our classes for sometimes even 5 years is what keeps us going. Read more about our teacher and what we can achieve together.

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