11 NGOs Supporting Girls & Women in India

Priya, the youngest child, stayed back at home after her parents died in an accident, and looked after the household chores while her brothers went to school and college and got themselves paying jobs. She was married off at a young age and did the […]

Who says Shakespeare’s texts are out of date?

There is no better way to enjoy one of Shakespeare’s works than actually going to watch a theatrical performance. The entertaining drama, vibrant atmosphere, and the foolery of hilarious characters – nobody had to worry about social distancing or one of the casts being called […]

Tips to score in IGCSE

It’s just the first day of school and you’ve already been bombarded with homework and assignments. It’s only a short space of time before you’ll have the exam timetable in your hands and once that happens, you will want the IGCSE’s to end as soon […]

Our Top Five Tips for Exam Prep

Have you ever wished—especially before a dreaded exam—that life had a fast-forward button to get you safely across the exam without having to write it? Well, we know that life doesn’t work that way. We at Young Scholarz, can train you to help you master […]

How to Engage with your Literature Texts

Let’s face it – reading, albeit a pleasure, can be a task. Especially when we are a generation who’d rather turn on Netflix when we get a 30-minute time of leisure amid our busy schedule, than pick up a book and read. Yet, when we […]