Jean’s day begins with an early morning jog, a quick breakfast, and a brief revision of her IB notes with Sunita ma’am. Once she’s back home from school, she either attends virtual tutoring classes or her virtual internships that she has recently applied for. This internship is helpful as it aligns with her interests in writing and editing medical resources, where she gets to read and write about her research and study on various topics on medical technology. Her day ends with an episode of Young Sheldon, a peaceful dinner with family and an early night.

Although this may sound new or different, virtual internships aren’t just reserved for college and university students. High school may appear daunting to a student due to numerous presentations and internal assessments apart from the yearly exams. And, the thought of an internship may seem to add to the anxiety. But, internships are always helpful not just by teaching a student skills but also by adding credits for university applications. 

These are quite flexible and spaced out compared to full-time internships, hence they don’t negatively affect your crucial study time. You may even find it refreshing to work on something productive, using the practical skills that you’ve learnt in theory!

Why Take An Internship At This Age?

Whether you have specific career goals or are still on the fence, an internship aids in testing the waters. Apart from that, you also get first-hand experience and the opportunity to develop skills for your future career.

Some internships are college-focused whereas some are school-appropriate. There’s something for everyone. This blog post will focus on 6 virtual internships that you can apply for while focusing on high school!

The best part about virtual internships is that you can do it anytime and anywhere! That widens the platform globally and there’s no compromise made to achieve quality learning in a reputed company. If you’re a STEM student or want to develop skills in business, art, culture, environmental science, foreign policy, research in the medical field, read ahead:

1. The John Hopkins Internship in Brain Science Program (JHIBS) – Project Pipeline Baltimore

This research program is based out of Baltimore city but has an option to participate in person as well as virtually. It’s focused on reaching out to underrepresented communities and hence is fully funded.

The program is focused on neurological sciences. This gives bright students a chance to research under the guidance and mentorship of reputed researchers in the field. Apart from this, students take part in projects, discussions, scientific seminars, and personal and professional sessions every week. They also get a chance to interact with leading neuroscientists working at JHU.

The challenging part about this internship is that it only admits 5-6 interns every year. As it’s a summer program, the deadline for applications would be close to March 2024, giving you enough time to prepare and research. For a better understanding of projects and past participants, click here.

Stipend: The internship program is free of cost, giving an hourly stipend to in-person participants and 500 dollars to virtual participants.

Eligibility: Juniors and seniors from the U.S. with academically strong backgrounds can apply to the 5-week virtual program.

Application dates: Applications are open from December 1st, 2023 – March 1st, 2024

2. Leo Cussen’s Range of Law Internships

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Leo Cussen is a well-known education center for the study of Law. It has partnered with Forage, a free job simulation portal, for virtual internship programs dealing with Law.

So if you’re interested in studying Law and want a glimpse of the corporate world, you can apply for a range of law-specific internships here. Ranging from Family Law to Human Rights Law, you can browse through the different programs and choose what’s most relevant to you.

These programs are free, self-paced programs with tasks that you can perform at your own convenience.

You can access the Leo Cussen website for more details here. Alternatively, you can also browse through the Forage website for job simulations other than Law, like the omnichannel marketing at Lululemon.

Stipend: There’s no stipend for this internship. The primary focus is on the educational journey here.

Eligibility: Anyone from a high school student to a young employee

Application dates: There is no set application date and one can apply at any time.

3. Remote Marine Ecology Internships out of Greece

You don’t need to swim to study the depths of the ocean! Conducted by highly respected NGOs, the internships cover multiple marine research projects that involve the study of video footage of real-time data in the ocean. From surveys conducted in spring, summer, and autumn of 2023, interns aid the NGO through the analysis and interpretation of environmental data.

One of the projects includes the study of seagrass meadows, which are responsible for the sequestering of carbon in the ocean. The seagrass meadows are crucial for the environment as they limit the carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere, in turn tackling climate change. Remote interns assist in monitoring the carbon sequestering and determining the productivity of seagrass meadows under varying circumstances. Interns are required to assess data gathered from different seasons, measuring the effect of oxygen, temperature, and light levels on sequestering rates.

These internship/s help gain academic or course credit, hence you may apply for it if you’re looking for a unique marine experience. An interesting thing about this internship is that you get to choose whether you’d like to do a part-time or a full-time internship, and also choose how many weeks and hours you’d like to contribute to. Take your pick.

Stipend: As the projects are conducted by NGOs, there is no stipend. But, there’s a fee starting at 1099 dollars.

Application Details: You can opt for 100 hours, 250 hours, and 350 hours as per your availability.

Eligibility – At least one year of college or university study in biology, environmental sciences, sustainability, or a relevant field. High school students of age 16+ are welcome to apply but their acceptance depends on the strength of their application.

For more information, you can head to the InternHQ website, or even the private NGO website

4. Ladder Internship Program with Start-Up Companies

Ranging from technology to healthcare, Ladder Internship is a selective program designed for high school students. This program allows a platform for students to work with start-ups. So, for those who have always had a sense of curiosity about how a start-up works, this is an excellent opportunity to lay your skills out there!

Throughout the internship, each student is assigned a real-world project, presenting their work towards the end of the program. Apart from working with the manager from the start-up, interns also work with a Ladder Coach throughout. The Ladder Coach also acts as a mentor helping the students throughout the internship and while navigating the new environment.

The virtual internship is 8 weeks long.

You can click on the application form to learn more.

Cost: This internship requires you to pay for it, and costs $1490. There’s financial aid available for students in need.

Location:  Being a virtual internship, the work is remote.

Application deadline: There are multiple opportunities around the year.

Eligibility: High schoolers, undergraduates, and students taking gap year/s. Students willing to work 15-20 hours a week should apply.

5. United Planet Virtual Internships

As a high school student, if volunteering peaks your interest, this could be a good place to explore. However, do keep in mind that this is an unpaid internship/volunteering program, and would cost you some money instead. You can look at it like a volunteering course that you’re paying for.

The United Planets hosts many such virtual volunteering opportunities around the year. They’re designed for high school students as they provide great exposure for university applications and beyond. Those who have volunteered before have highly praised the programs for being flexible and help to develop a range of skills along with considerable experience as a volunteer.

You can choose between Virtual Volunteering and Virtual Internship – you have to register for either and pay a fee starting at 800 dollars a month, with a 300-dollar deposit. The opportunities involve fields like health services, children and education, environmental sustainability, and community development.

Stipend: Interns don’t earn a stipend, but the fees start at 800 dollars a month with a 300-dollar deposit.

Application Dates: There are many programs throughout the year. You can go through the schedules here.

Who Can Apply: Any student above the age of 16 is eligible to apply.

6. Social Media Marketing Intern with Young Scholarz

Young scholarz is a prestigious education hub that places the student’s success at the centre of their mission to lifelong learning. Apart from 30 teachers onboard, led by Mrs. Sunita Sharma, the founder and CEO of the company, we also have a team that runs like clockwork to ensure a seamless teaching and feedback experience.

As a growing company of team members and teachers, we’ve also opened positions for interns who wish to test their marketing savviness and gain relevant skills particular but not limited to social media. test the waters of the education and business realm for high school students.

If you’re a social media geek or want to enhance your marketing skills for a future career role in this area, know that we are hiring! From developing unique ideas to designing posters and promoting products, services, and content over social media, you will gain considerable experience for future job roles and positions. This would help you with gaining credits and developing skills in marketing.

Feel free to visit our page for additional information.

Stipend: We don’t offer a stipend, but quality experience.

Contribution: The intern should give in at least four hours a week.

Eligibility: Students from Grades 10, 11, and 12

To Sum It Up…

With this list, we have tried to cover a range of fields and interests, providing high school students with diverse opportunities to explore and enhance their skills. It includes both paid and unpaid options, allowing students to choose based on their preferences and financial situations. Ready to turn your high school journey into an adventure? These internships are your passport to excitement and learning!