10 Ideas for IBDP English EE Topics

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is widely recognized for its demanding academic curriculum, and at the heart of this program lies the Extended Essay (EE). Serving as an independent research paper, the EE pushes students to investigate a subject of their choosing within the […]

Ace English and Math on the Digital SAT

The SAT is a crucial examination that holds significant weight in the college admissions process. With the growing prevalence of digital technologies, the College Board has introduced a digital version of the SAT, presenting both new challenges and opportunities for test-takers. Within this blog post, […]

Summer 2023 Reading List for Grades 9-12

Welcome to the Summer 2023 Reading List for Grades 9-12, an enchanting collection of books designed to ignite the imaginations and passions of young readers throughout the sun-soaked days of summer. Carefully curated, this diverse selection encompasses timeless classics and gripping contemporary novels, ensuring a […]

Using Loci to Learn Effectively

What is the Method of Loci? “The method of loci (MOL) is a mnemonic device that relies on spatial relationships between “loci” (e.g., locations on a familiar route or rooms in a familiar building) to arrange and recollect memorial content.” In Latin, Loci means location […]