IGCSE Mandarin

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The aim of this course is for the student to develop the ability to communicate effectively using the target language and offer insights into the culture and society of countries where the language is spoken. Through this course the student develops awareness of the nature of language and language learning which encourages positive attitudes towards speakers of other languages and a sympathetic approach to other cultures and civilisations. It also provides enjoyment and intellectual stimulation and helps develop transferable skills (e.g. analysis, memorising, drawing of inferences) to complement other areas of the curriculum and to be able to form a sound base of the skills, language and attitudes required for progression to work or further study, either in the target language or another subject area.

What Will I Learn?

  • Mastery of core curriculum topics
  • Unique question-specific strategies
  • Exam techniques practiced through extensive question practice and personalised feedback
  • Time management strategies
  • An applied understanding and appreciation of the subject beyond the syllabus
  • Lifelong subject and interdisciplinary skills
  • How to achieve excellent grades

Topics for this course

3 Lessons


The aim of this paper is to test candidates’ listening comprehension skills. All three sections are compulsory in this area. The examination is divided into three sections, each worth 10 marks, and there is progression as higher grades are targeted.



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