EdExcel Language (Specification A) 9-1

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The Edexcel GCSE Language A component has incorporated the study of texts as well as creative writing. It includes reading and analysing fiction as well as non-fiction prose and poetry. With a section of imaginative writing, it intends to teach students to use their own creativity and deliver a written piece based on the prompts provided in the paper. Transactional writing in component 1 deals with facts, opinions, and the real world that include magazine articles, journaling, and obituaries.

What Will I Learn?

  • Mastery of core curriculum topics
  • Learn to read, understand, and analyse a variety of texts
  • Identify how writers use various devices to achieve their effects
  • Write clearly with a wide range of vocabulary
  • Communicate effectively, learning the form, tone, and register
  • Develop your critical thinking and the ability to write down your own understanding of the text
  • Exam techniques practiced through extensive question practice and personalised feedback
  • Lifelong subject and interdisciplinary skills

Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Non-Fiction Texts and Transactional Writing

An anthology of non-fiction texts will be taught and graded.
Students will read a variety of high-quality, challenging non-fiction texts as preparation for answering one unseen non-fiction text in the examination.
Texts include example articles, speeches, and journals.

Poetry and Prose Texts

Imaginative Writing

Speech or debate (optional)

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