IGCSE Biology

  • Course level: Biology


The IGCSE Biology 0610 course is focused on helping learners understand the world of biology and to develop skills that are relevant to the study and practice of biology. The syllabus includes the basic principles and concepts of Biology, some current applications of the subject, and a strong emphasis on practical skills.

What Will I Learn?

  • Mastery of core curriculum topics
  • Unique question-specific strategies
  • Exam techniques practiced through extensive question practice and personalised feedback
  • Time management strategies
  • An applied understanding and appreciation of the subject beyond the syllabus
  • Lifelong subject and interdisciplinary skills
  • How to achieve excellent grades

Topic Areas

Characteristics and classification of living organisms

Organisation of the organism

Movement in and out of cells

Biological molecules


Plant nutrition

Human nutrition

Transport in plants

Transport in animals

Diseases and immunity

Gas exchange in humans


Excretion in humans

Coordination and response




Variation and selection

Organisms and their environment

Biotechnology and genetic engineering

Human influences on ecosystems