Amy K
I have completed all of my graded ABRSM exams, achieving proficiency in both theory and practical aspects up to Grade 8. Subsequently, I pursued a diploma in music at Lasalle Sia College of the Arts, affiliated with Kingston University in London. Building on this foundation, I furthered my education at the Queensland Conservatoire, earning a bachelor’s degree in Music Pedagogy, with affiliations to Griffith University.
My professional journey took me to esteemed music companies which are partners of Sony and Warner, where I gained valuable industry experience. Additionally, I served as a Music Director in local schools, imparting knowledge in choir, music ensemble, and the traditional angklong.

My performance portfolio includes notable achievements, such as playing percussion in one of the concerts organized by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO). I also showcased my musical versatility through gamelan performances at various events and musicals.
While I have a rich background in performance, my current focus lies in music teaching. I take pride in nurturing the talents of my students, and they have had the opportunity to shine in their performances. However, for their privacy, I choose not to frequently share concert footage or photos online. My commitment to music education remains steadfast, and I continue to find joy in guiding the next generation of musicians.

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