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She is a biochemistry graduate, qualified British chartered accountant, a business school lecturer, script writer for staged plays and films and has successfully nurtured and taught hundreds of students in Singapore over the last 13 years. As a teacher, mentor and guide, her teaching style is not authoritative, restrictive or coercive and her belief in teaching through a system of example, empowerment and liberation allows students to enjoy the process of learning and to return back to Sunita for internships, career and university advice. 

Our esteemed teachers are vetted and go through a rigorous selection and interview process that involves a couple of stages. We ensure that each teacher has the experience that is required to meet the Young Scholarz standard. 


We take pride in our highly-selective teaching faculty and ensure that every parent and child are satisfied with the lessons they take. Students learn from the same subject teacher through their time learning with us and this helps strengthen the teacher’s assessment and coaching of the student. 

Teaching centers around inculcating a sound understanding and appreciation of  the subject, striving to create a lifelong interest and skill set. Tutoring mostly helps in bridging the gap between the followed methodology and its application. At Young Scholarz, learning strategies to approach tasks is at the core of our ethos and we strive to empower students by providing them with effective tools that will benefit them throughout their learning. 

At schools, the teaching is standardized and not necessarily tailored to the individual progress of students. In addition, schools are often unable to complete the syllabuses and do not incorporate sufficient exam practice. Young Scholarz offers teaching that is collaborative, structured and personalized. We teach developed and proven strategies in an analytical, learner-directed manner to ensure that students understand concepts taught at school and are able to apply these well to exam requirements. In addition, Sunita, an English Specialist, brings in life experiences and discussion awareness of the world around us. She creates an inspiring environment for students to engage and exchange ideas. Students passing their exams with flying colours is a given – it is imparting life-long skills and love of learning that is the true result that she strives for.

This depends on the number of students who have registered for the class. Your child could be attending the class with as few as 2 other students, or as many as 20 others. Larger classes will have a teaching assistant for support. 

Courses are taught as a mixture of solo and group sessions. Solo classes are typically 1 hour long and group classes ranging from 1.5 – 2 hours. Forty-eight hours before the class, your child will receive pre-read/pre-work that they will need to complete before attending. During the class, objectives of the lesson are clear and focus is on delivery of key strategies through teaching and student interaction. 

Yes, most classes have specific assignments which are graded and reviewed, providing students with detailed feedback as part of the class fee. Students are encouraged to practice past exam papers, which we then review to ensure the same high quality for an additional fee. 

We recommend regular weekly attendance from grade 9 onwards to ensure that all modules of the syllabus have been covered.

13 years of experience has shown that a combination of group and solo teaching is extremely effective. Core strategy is taught as a group and this is enhanced by additional review of exam papers and assessment tasks with a specific focus on addressing personal areas of weakness.

No, All classes are taught by Sunita who takes personal responsibility for the wellbeing of students. Students attending Young Scholarz group classes experience a positive sense of camaraderie, teamwork and sharing of ideas, all leading to a confidence in their skills and a keen enthusiasm to attend classes.

Currently all classes are being taught on-line. At Young Scholarz we use secure state of the art systems to ensure that the same excellent quality of teaching and feedback is delivered regardless of location and mode of delivery. 

We offer a paid trial lesson and believe that students will be able to assess the value that a class adds to their study needs. 

We ensure that the core/basic foundations are laid for both sets of students. This means that the basic level classes may have a mix of both SL and HL students. Following a basic level of understanding, HL and SL students will be separated to ensure that learning strategies are appropriate to and catered to the level required for their exams. 


As a Young Scholarz parent/guardian, you will receive access to a parental account where you are able to view your child’s class schedules and lesson notes. You also have access to your child’s individual folder where their personalized feedback forms will be placed in. 

Our track record with students who regularly learn with us for long periods has been stellar. More than 98% of last year’s IGCSE cohort, achieved A’s and A*’s and the majority of IB students scoring grade 6’s . This has been possible because of the hard work of both teacher and student, plus support from parents. 


No. You only pay for the classes you choose. 

This depends on the subject and the mode of instruction. A general rule of thumb is that 1:1 classes are priced higher than group classes. On average, our class sessions start at  SGD 65/ hour for group classes to SGD 150/ hour for solo classes. 

Most first-time classes are paid upfront at the time of purchase. However, there are instances where some students are billed monthly, at the end of every month. Using the Parent portal, parents can view their due invoices and securely make payments via bank transfer/Paypal. 

Students will have access to the relevant google classroom which hosts all resources and materials taught for that class. There are no additional costs for these materials. 

Booked sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the class will be charged. For cancellations made more than 24 hours in advance of class, prepaid sessions will not be refunded but students can use the credit to attend any other relevant class. 


Not necessarily. Our class schedules are designed to ensure that every aspect of the syllabuses are covered and these are further supported with revision and workshop programmes during school holidays and close to exam dates. Our classes prepare students for mock and final external exams. 

This will depend on the schedule relevant for the point in time in relation to the academic year. The duration of revision workshops is generally shorter in contrast to full-fledged programmes supporting a syllabus, which usually lasts a term for any given level (basic/ intermediate/ exam prep). 

Yes, we have classes over Saturday and Sunday and sometimes on public holidays, depending on the majority of registered students’ availability. 

Our recommendation is to start when the academic year begins (mid August) so you have exposure and consistency to the learning strategies, however for every student we adapt based on the student intake and their joining period. 

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to refund your classes if you’ve paid upfront for them, and you should inform our office of your decision as soon as possible.

We design our classes such that all topics are covered in a cyclical manner and the same class will be held a number of times. A missed class can be made up by joining the same session when it is repeated in the following weeks.

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We guarantee an improvement in grades, with most students improving by an average of 2 bands.

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