Himanshu M

I am an accomplished theatre-maker, performance coach, vocalist, teacher trainer, examiner, and facilitator/teacher with nine years of extensive experience working with young people of all ages. Teaching theatre sustains the performer in me, be it the actor, singer, or director – I enjoy every bit of it. I am also currently completing my post-graduate diploma in International Education.


As a theatre teacher/performer and director, my training encompasses a diverse range of theatre practices, including Commedia-del-Arte, Theatre of the Oppressed, Rudolf Laban’s efforts, Epic Theatre, Elizabethan Theatre, Biographical Storytelling, Victorian Melodrama, and many more. Renowned practitioners from both the UK and India, such as Cheryl Stapleton (Learning Through Theatre, UK), Kevin Tomlinson (Kepow Theatre Company, UK), Sue Hollingsworth (Centre for Biographical Storytelling, UK), Rhoo Jhala Mc Laughlin (Tambourine Theatre Company, India), and Radha and Ravi Ramaswamy (CCDC, Bengaluru, India), have honed my skills in performance, direction, and theatrical instruction.

In addition to professional certification trainings from IBO like the Category Workshops or the Subject Specific Seminar, and Introductory, Marking and Teaching Workshops from Cambridge Assessment International Education, I have attained certification in a host of theatre teaching-specific professional development workshops organized by the globally renowned International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA, UK). I have also chaired as a judge for a line-up of inter-school competitions and arts festivals assessing works like Monologues, stage dramas, Debates, and poetry both in India and in the United States. As a testament to my expertise, I have been appointed as an examiner for IBDP Theatre.


As a theatre teacher, my goal is to personalize the Drama & Theatre curriculum to empower students to become self-assured, innovative, well-informed, and adventurous individuals poised to effect positive change in their communities and beyond. My teaching philosophy emphasizes not only the pursuit of artistic excellence, pushing creative boundaries, and nurturing inclusivity but also prioritizes the customization of the course to each student’s subject knowledge, expertise, and learning preferences, thereby ensuring a tailored and impactful educational experience for every student.

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