Nihal W
An innovative educator and wellbeing counsellor who teaches IBDP Psychology and TOK and conducts counselling sessions for students and adults from various cultural backgrounds. Nihal holds a Master’s degree in Psychology and PGCEi from the University of Nottingham and understands the significance of mental health and sensitivity to cultural diversity.

Conducting effective 1:1 Counselling sessions. 

IB Psychology Examiner – IA, Extended Essay and Paper 2. 

Currently teaching at An IB Continuum and a boarding school, overseeing the department of IB Diploma Programme Psychology and also a Wellbeing Counsellor (Secondary School).


As an educator and a counsellor, I aim to encourage students and counselees to seek knowledge and guidance for a purpose which they could implement and practice in real life for their growth and development. In order to achieve my aims I strive to counsel and deliver knowledge by opting for various teaching and counselling approaches based on one’s needs and competency. I ensure to provide a safe and nurturing environment where my students are encouraged to comfortably share their ideas, and feelings, take risks, and reach their full potential.