Nikita B
Global Politics, History, Global Perspectives

During a span of several years, she shared her expertise by teaching subjects such as IBDP Global Politics, IGCSE History, and Global Perspectives at various international schools. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science, focusing on a topic related to community issues. She has held teaching positions at various institutions and has also authored academic publications in the field of political science


With over nine years of dedicated involvement in both teaching and research, she brings a wealth of experience to her profession. Her commitment to academic excellence extends beyond the classroom as she serves as an IBDP examiner and is proficiently trained as an International Baccalaureate and Cambridge facilitator, showcasing her expertise and dedication to educational standards. Notably, in February 2024, she obtained certification in IBDP Global Politics Category 3. Additionally, she holds credentials in IBDP Global Politics Categories 1 & 2.


Her goal as a teacher is to cultivate critical thinking, analytical skills, and effective communication in students, empowering them to navigate and engage with the complexities of social science and politics.

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