Dear Parents and Students, 

Young Scholarz has been committed to supporting you through your learning journey for the last 15 years and we thank you for your continued support and trust in us.
We are so proud of all our students and are grateful to remain in touch with many of them as they continue to grow in the world of work and life. Through our 550+ strong alumni network programme we have been able to connect students and provide advice as they embark upon and explore career choices.

Despite the obstacles and challenges, 2021 has been a landmark year for us and we have adapted together to new ways of teaching and learning. Embracing new technology, we have successfully transitioned to online learning and been able to reach and support students globally from Asia to Europe with ease and efficiency, allowing students to minimise travel, leaving more time for leisure and rest. 

Change can and has been daunting, but it is necessary to grow and we are proud to continue achieving phenomenal exam results with 99% of our students scoring As/ A*’s at IGCSE and grades above level 6 for IB in 2021. 

We are very excited to have responded to your learning needs by  carefully selecting and adding 17 teachers to our team, to ensure that you are supported in every way. We now offer excellent teaching for the most common academic subjects and continue to strive so that there are no gaps in your learning.

We are particularly proud of launching our social initiatives program and increasing awareness of needs and the ways we can better serve our communities. This is an area we are very passionate about developing over the coming years and we hope to share our resources and knowledge by sourcing opportunities and empowering young people to be capable enough to achieve their aspirations.
Growing from a humble one teacher organisation to a strong provider of teaching services supported by a wonderful team of dedicated specialists, we remain ever grateful to you all for believing in us and trusting us with your future. We are always looking to collaborate with like minded organisations and people in our efforts to  give young people the best foundation we can. 

Once again we are most grateful for your support and faith and look forward to a 2022 in which we continue to grow; particularly through the range of support we provide to those in need. 

With best wishes,
Sunita Sharma 
CEO Young Scholarz

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