Sara P
Bonjour à tous!
As a French native, I hold both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social and cultural anthropology from a reputed French University. Following my teaching training, I achieved the DAEFLE certification through the Alliance Française of Paris. Since then, I’ve been contributing to an international school environment and have taken on the role of a DELF examiner. I am currently the Head of the French Department at a well-known international school.

I have expertise in guiding sessions for IGCSE and IBDP (French ab initio, SL, and HL), and I hold certification as a DELF examiner. Additionally, I am authorized to oversee IB Extended Essays (EE) after completing training for Category 3.


As a language teacher, my primary objective is to empower my students with the skills and confidence they need to effectively communicate in the target language. Whether it’s mastering grammar rules, expanding vocabulary, improving pronunciation, or honing conversational abilities, I strive to create a supportive and engaging learning environment tailored to each individual’s needs. Moreover, I view my role not solely as that of a teacher but also as a mentor and motivator. I aim to ignite inspiration within my students, encouraging them to establish ambitious objectives, surmount obstacles, and persist in their language-learning endeavors. Through instilling a growth mindset and offering constructive feedback, I empower my students to perpetually enhance their skills and aspire towards excellence.

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