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How to Avoid Exhaustion during Exam Season

Exam season can be stressful, and even when you are halfway through, it may feel dauntingly never-ending. It is normal to experience burnout during this final phase of your educational journey. There are times when you are running high on adrenaline but lack organic energy

Best web sources for an English Literature study session

Studying Literature develops the ability to think critically about varied topics, from a range of diverse theoretical perspectives. Through books,

Announcing our latest partnership with Lumiere Education

Young Scholarz is excited to announce its latest partnership with Lumiere Education. Lumiere is an organization founded by Harvard and

Ivy League Acceptance Rates at an All-Time Low

Two weeks after the Ivy League brought in the storm, some students are still reeling. By now, some have managed


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In collaboration with Tokyo’s #1 STEM School, we are pleased to provide our students with a varied range of STEM courses that help them learn 21st-century skills.

The private 1:1 and small group-sized curriculums are entirely catered to the students’ passions and needs.

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Suitable for young minds between the ages of 7-18, looking to explore a future in tech.

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  • Tech Instructors are employers at Google, Microsoft, IBM
  • Inspired and taught over a 1000 young minds worldwide
  • 100% Parent and Student satisfaction rate

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