IB Chinese Revision Tips

The most necessary task to do for an increase in productivity during exams is to revise the topics learned so far. The key is to not forget what you have learned and retain it for a long time. Memory is formed by revision that depends […]

Top 10 Summer 2022 Reads for Grade 12!

Reading has multiple benefits! To name a few it can help boost your mental health, it’s the ultimate relaxation, helps you understand history,  develop your imagination and creativity, and opens up new avenues of learning. The benefits of reading help you give direction and help […]


Summer 2023 Books to Read for Grade 11

Summer books for teens offer abundant benefits. Research consistently links active reading to improved grades, but the advantages extend beyond the classroom. Delving into the world of summer books exposes you to multiple perspectives, broadens your horizons, and significantly enhances your vocabulary. Well, what about […]


Summer Reading List 2023 for Grades 7 & 8!

Engaging in summer reading early not only lays a strong foundation for your education but also nurtures personal growth. It enhances your ability to express yourself, broadens your worldview, and cultivates critical thinking skills. We’ve carefully created a recommended Top 10 book list which you […]

Top Summer Reads for Grades 5 & 6

“The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has a timeless message from a less complex era, and it continues to resonate.” “The Secret Garden one of the greatest books ever written for children”. “Since the first publication of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland 150 years ago, Lewis Carroll’s […]