4 Ways to Improve a Low IB Grade

We all know studying the International Baccalaureate (IB) isn’t easy; scoring that perfect 7 takes enormous work, but it’s not impossible. Did you recently receive your mock results and were not pleased with them? We’ve rounded some key tips from our IB toppers on how […]

IGCSE World Literature 0408, at a glance

The world constitutes varied cultures, tribes, and societies, all embracing different attitudes and beliefs. Isn’t it exciting to learn and explore these different places and cultures through literature? If you’re an IGCSE student and wish to learn about various stories across centuries, you may want […]

Tips for an 800 in SAT Math

Aiming for a Perfect 800 in SAT Math? Well, It might seem impossible at first but with proper guidance, skills, and the right strategy you should be well on your way. The SAT Math test evaluates your understanding to apply mathematical concepts and skills to […]

Using Loci to Learn Effectively

What is the Method of Loci? “The method of loci (MOL) is a mnemonic device that relies on spatial relationships between “loci” (e.g., locations on a familiar route or rooms in a familiar building) to arrange and recollect memorial content.” In Latin, Loci means location […]