“Mrs Sunita, I have 93% A* in English First Language”

“Dear Sunita, thank you for your patience and guidance for the past two years. My son  scored A* for both English Language and English Literature.”

“thank you aunty! i got my grades back and so far i’ve had all a*s”

Messages like these warm our hearts – after all the hard work, we’ve finally pulled it off – again!

We’ve done it again, and together! 100% of our IGCSE students have scored excellently with A’s and A*’s for both English language and literature. This is a proud moment for the Young Scholarz team, led by our CEO and Founder, Sunita Sharma, whose expert teaching, guidance, and detailed feedback have supported our students to succeed. They now proceed with confidence knowing that they will take these learnings forward as they move to IB.  

Our uniquely curated group and solo sessions have borne fruit through our dedicated preparation for IGCSE English programs including CIE 0500 Language, 0475 Literature, 0408 World Literature, Edexcel english course, and 0510 English as a second language. In addition to English, we provide support for other subjects too. 

Browse our Courses as well as the Events page for a timely update on upcoming workshops and classes. You can also take a look at our Paper Marking section for information on how to get detailed feedback and assessment on your assignments.

We have recently released the 2022 schedule for the regular, weekly IGCSE English classes pertaining to the next academic year, so do sign up for a smoother and enriching learning experience and to score well in your exams!

Once again, congratulations to all of the IGCSE students who scored excellently! Collaboration between teachers, parents and students always pays off.