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Regarded as a science, alongside Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design Technology and other similar subjects, this IB DP course which was currently  a part of group 5 has now been shifted to group 4.

The IB DP Computer Science is a rigorous and practical problem-solving course. It helps in the understanding of the fundamental concepts of computational thinking and imparts knowledge on how to operate computers and other digital devices. Fortified by conceptual thinking, this course ranges a wide spectrum of knowledge, and it encourages innovation through exploration and inquisitiveness. Apart from the basic fundamentals, students also learn how computer science impacts cultures, societies and its individuals and how it affects the ethical issues.

As mentioned in the syllabus, the aims of this course are:

  • develop logical and critical thinking as well as experimental, investigative and problem-solving skills
  • develop and apply the students’ information and communication technology skills in the study of computer science to communicate information confidently and effectively
  • raise awareness of the moral, ethical, social, economic and environmental implications of using science and technology
  • develop an appreciation of the possibilities and limitations associated with continued developments in IT systems and computer science
  • encourage an understanding of the relationships between scientific disciplines and the overarching nature of the scientific method.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Mastery of core curriculum topics
  • Unique question-specific strategies
  • Exam techniques practiced through extensive question practice and personalised feedback
  • An applied understanding and appreciation of the subject beyond the syllabus
  • Appreciate scientific study and creativity within the global framework
  • Identify a problem or unanswered question
  • Design, prototype and test a proposed solution
  • Liaise with clients to evaluate the success of the proposed solution and make recommendations for future developments
  • Develop the ability to analyse, evaluate, and synthesize information
  • Lifelong subject and interdisciplinary skills

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

Core syllabus content SL/HL core

Topic 1: System fundamentals
Topic 2: Computer organization
Topic 3: Networks
Topic 4: Computational thinking, problem-solving and programming

HL extension

For the SL Course:

Target Audience

  • Students appearing for the IB DP Program who have taken the Computer Science Course as a group 4 subject.

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