Petra S
German Teacher

Education offers us a chance to experience our full potential, personal growth and achievements as key factors for happiness, self-esteem and resilience. With these intrinsic rewards at focus, I emphasize on motivation, volition and self-drive. As a professional psychologist, teacher and language trainer, I believe in the importance of developing a student’s unique talent by offering individual approaches. I have degrees in M.Sc. Psychology, B.Sc. Psychology, B.Sc. International Business. 


I have over 13 years of professional teaching experience, in which I have taught a variety of levels at differing institutions. These have ranged from private tuition institutions, primary, secondary and evening schools, through to Global companies such as B. Braun. My students have ranged from 5 years and upwards, and their language competency levels have diversified from absolute beginners through to upper advanced.

Over the last 4 years, I have been gaining experience in the fields of educational and clinical psychology, including conducting various tests (e.g. attention, intelligence) and surveys (e.g. classroom climate), assisting students with special needs, advising parents, as well as working in a psychiatric clinic as a therapist for people with addiction, personality, affective or anxiety disorders. This professional route is in addition to the 11 years of my involvement in the Industrial workplace, in particular, managing International Affairs.

For one of Germany’s most renowned football clubs, FC Schalke 04, I co-designed a unique course for young football talents, which combined both sports psychological education and practical exercise to train and drive them to succeed.   


I have a straightforward approach to life, living and learning. You can always better yourself. Understanding why and what we think, at certain moments, can only help us to improve and best prepare ourselves for the future.

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We guarantee an improvement in grades, with most students improving by an average of 2 bands.

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