Exams can be intimidating. Students often complain that they lose marks even after having put in a lot of effort and hard work. They find themselves not being able to complete the paper on time. Some didn’t know the pattern very well and wished they learned a proper strategy for the paper. A tried and proven solution to practice well is a mock exam. Mock exams are considered practice exams before you appear for the final one. These are very important for IGCSE and IBDP students who wish to improve their grades. In this blog, let us understand why and how these mock tests are useful.

image showing the importance of mock test for students to score higher in their main exams

1. Familiarises us with real exam conditions

Mock tests are like the actual exams that are purely based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus of the respective examinations. They are designed in a way that helps the students feel that they are sitting at an actual exam. If a student practices with ample mock tests, no question will be too daunting.

2. Boosts confidence

Mock tests help the students check their level of preparation. It helps them know if they are on the right track and check if they are lacking anything so that they can work on them. This boosts their self-confidence which helps them to be successful in their examinations. Plus, it also keeps exam fear away.

3. Helps to analyze our mistakes

Analyzing one’s performance in mock tests plays a very important role. After each test, students should spend time understanding and analyzing their performance. One must go through each section carefully to understand what and where they went wrong and what could have been done in a better way. In this way, they will not repeat the same mistakes in the actual exams which will help in upping their grades.

4. Helps develop the right strategy

Rather than just learning the concepts and formulae, preparing the right strategy helps the students crack and clear these tests, and also get good grades. As the students keep taking mock exams, they develop the right strategy through a proper analysis of their performance in each mock. They will not only understand the test pattern but also use the mastered strategies for tackling the actual test.

5. Helps with time management

It becomes very difficult for students to attempt all questions in the given time if they don’t take time management seriously. This is where the role of mock tests is crucial. As we know now, mock tests are like actual tests. So when students sit for any mock test, it not only helps in enhancing their performance but also tracks their speed which helps them know if they will be completing their actual exam on time.

6. Helps you practice and prepare

We all know the phrase “Practice makes a man perfect”, and mock tests help us with just that. The more mock tests we take, the more we get better at that particular subject. What happens is that with proper practice and conceptual understanding, we tend to solve the problems that we are facing during the mock tests, which in turn helps us avoid those problems in the actual exams.

To conclude, if a student is serious while sitting for the mock test, they will also perform well in the actual exams as it will help them learn from their mistakes. If any student is lagging, he/she should start the preparation by understanding the concepts and learning the basics. Then apply those concepts while they are appearing for mock tests. Surely enough, the student will start seeing positive changes in his/her grades. If you need help and guidance, we at Young Scholarz are here to help you with mock tests and so much more. You can opt for mock texts or book a class (group and solo sessions). Our detailed feedback system will make sure that you know where you err, and help you improve well before the exams.