We are pleased to announce the rebranding of our website www.youngscholarz.com! We’ve been hard at work these past few months to put together a new look that embodies what we stand for as a teaching organization and one that supports students and parents to seamlessly navigate their learning journey with us. 

While setting out on the rebranding process, we were very clear that our current, as well as interested, students and parents should be able to easily locate information about our services and enroll/register for relevant classes and workshops throughout the academic year. Overall, the improved website needed to have streamlined navigation for better student experience.

Three of the fresh components on our rebranded website include – 

1. Better Curated Services: We’ve split our categories into pre-IGCSE, IGCSE, IB and University and Beyond. This will help interested parents and students choose their relevant category and then browse relevant information within it. We’ve also added General Counselling across all categories for parents and students who may want to discuss academic paths and goals. 

2. Detailed Course Pages: Each course page now includes information that we often get asked from new and interested parents such as our class pricing, our teaching methodology, what a student will learn during the course and what the topic areas are for each course. Our course pages also link to the respective paper marking services which details the paper and cost for interested students. 

3. Upcoming Events Page: We now have a landing page for our events which happen throughout the academic year. Events are essentially workshops or bootcamps that are conducted for students to help them revise for the exams, or prepare for the upcoming grade, or refresh/upgrade their professional skills and resume. Interested students and parents can register for events directly through our website using our chosen scheduling app, vcita. 

Another important mention would be our new logo and new brand colour palette that reflect our organization’s ethos – Lifelong Learning. 

We will be updating our blogposts every week with helpful study tips and interesting articles, so please keep an eye out for those! In the upcoming months, we plan to curate additional subjects (Math, Science, German) and highly-experienced teachers who will help expand the breadth of services that Young Scholarz has to offer. We are also aiming to launch self-paced learning courses later this year, which will make our expertise more accessible to our students across the globe. All of these new services will be displayed and launched on our website in due time. 

We would like to thank our team and partners who collaborated on this logo and website revamping project to make it a success. We would also especially like to thank the Young Scholarz Students and Alumni Community who pitched in with suggestions, ideas and testimonials as and when needed. 

For any suggestions, comments or questions, please email us at youngscholarz.office@gmail.com 

Thank you,
Sunita Sharma
Founder and CEO
Young Scholarz