I don’t have the time to fret about a mock exam while I am already preparing for the actual one. Is this a thought that crosses your mind often? Allow us to present a fresh perspective of why mock exams are important for you. We present three reasons why you should be sincere about them. The format of a mock exam is identical to that of the actual exam. It serves as the primary means of practice for the students. Let’s explore in detail how mock tests can prove to be fruitful in your academic experience. 

#1 Familiarize you with the actual exam requirements

To begin with, the structure and design of the IB as well as the IGCSE mock exam is made to help the student get familiar with the actual exam. In this way, these exams help you to prepare for something unexpected. Once we are comfortable with the exam setting and have experience with how things work, the actual exam becomes less daunting. Conditioning our brain to be comfortable in an unknown scenario of the mock test takes away the fear of taking the board exams for the first time. 

Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are.  Practice only makes for improvement. 

– Les Brown

#2 Show us our areas of improvement and strengths

Furthermore, these can be prep sessions that enlighten us about our strengths and weaknesses in every subject. Analyze mock test results to identify areas for improvement, enabling targeted study and enhancing overall preparation for success. In addition, this introspection of our strong and weak points will help us form clear and precise questions. This will aid in our tutoring experiences.

Image: Motivational message - 'Believe in Yourself' - essential mindset for effective preparation during mock exams.

#3 Get comfortable with sitting for an exam

Finally, there are many new changes introduced by the IB and IGCSE curricula every year. It becomes necessary to sincerely appear in the mock exams as they are a part of training for the upcoming exam. Although It would be easy to argue that many of these goals might be achieved without formal exams we are mistaken in thinking that. The formal place and time setting of the mock exam is what makes it so integral. The environment of this mock exam is that of a real one and this rehearsal leads us to identify how we react to many factors surrounding us. 

Diligent students, who’ve invested effort in syllabus preparation, are certain to reap the benefits of mock exams. Study well and ace those mocks! If you’d like support, contact us – we offer mock exams and paper marking for all IB DP subjects and IGCSE subjects.